How to Build a Cell


While we are in the underwater world of living cells inside us, it becomes obvious that there is quite a bit of construction going on all around us.  Communities of billions of cells houses are being taken down and rebuilt every day;  equivalent in scope to the demolition and rebuilding of every building on earth, every day.  What does our body need to build and rebuild our cells?

Building Materials — Micronutrients (vitamins and minerals, molecules taken from our food), fuel (sugars and fats), amino acids (the building blocks for proteins).  All of these molecular materials are found in plants, you can build an elephant from just the materials found in plants.

Water and electrolytes [salts] — A nice high water table helps everything work smoother, a low water table slows everything down.

Oxygen — This hardly needs mentioning.  Let’s point out, however, that oxygen is only one of the many oxidants that are essential to the function of our cells.

Building Plans — The building plans for the cell are found in the DNA.  In the DNA there is a repository of all the plans needed to build the micro machines, workers, and structures in the cell.

Messengers — These are the signaling molecules that run back and forth delivering messages to the workers.  They read the DNA plans, push the genetic buttons that create the workers and machines, and deliver the messages that tell the workers what to do.

Is there anything else needed?  I think we have listed everything we need to build a cell.  Out of these components, which one do you find most interesting?

In the last 15 years almost all of the groundbreaking work in cellular microbiology has been done on the messenger components of the cell, affording the scientists several Nobel Prizes.  Redox signaling messengers (made from the most abundant elements in nature) are perhaps the most fundamental of all the messengers in the cell.  They pass the messages needed to build and maintain all the types of cells that exist in nature.  There is no doubt that understanding the messenger systems of the cell will bring us the next greatest discoveries in life sciences.


10 thoughts on “How to Build a Cell

  1. This knowledge is invaluable. Thanks for your great service. I do take the supplement ASEA for over two years and the redox signaling molecules have helped me beyond words When I started taking ASEA I was so sick and desperate I would try anything as the medical community could only help me so much I’m very grateful to be introduced to this supplement at my age when so many Health issues keep popping up Thank you to the scientists that really want to get this message out to the public as no one believes me

  2. Andrew Snowdon says:

    A question. When the DNA chain is damaged, does that interfere, or can the DNA repair itself in the presence of sufficient redox signalling molecules?

    • The DNA constantly repairs itself, millions of times per second. There are DNA Repair molecules and redundant chains for the genes that are used by the repair molecules to patch up breaks. A good supply of amino acids and follate is needed.

      • Andrew Snowdon says:

        Thanks. The next question is “where is the plan?” I thought (mistakenly apparently) that the DNA contained the plan and the signals where read and passed on from there. When the DNA are damaged I thought that the plan or fundamental information would also be damaged. It seems not.
        Perhaps I am venturing too far down the rabbit hole. Interesting thought though.

      • Very interesting thought indeed. The current understanding is that the DNA have the genetic “buttons” that run the machine. But who presses the buttons? The messenger molecules are sent to press the buttons according to the conditions written in the grand “instruction book”. Where do the messengers come from and where is this grand instruction book? This was not known until recently when they realized that the junk DNA between the genes held some of the instructions. We already know some of the things written in the instruction book. For example, the insulin producing cells in the pancreas have instructions to push the “produce insulin” button in the DNA when there is too much sugar in the blood…redox signaling molecules carry the signals that push this particular button. It seems like the instruction book has thousands of entries that say “When you see signal X you should push gene button Y”, where X and Y are replaced with any type of signal and gene respectively. Each cell individually acts like a machine, but when billions of cells are placed in a community sending millions of signals between them to activate each other’s genes, then we see the characteristics of a living organism. Our brain is just a bunch of cells placed together sending and transmitting signals to each other, you can see how far such a system can get us. The plan is written in the sum total of all our living cells connected together into a whole.

      • By the way, when the DNA are broken in a cell, the cell does not work very well. Damaged cells are normally programmed to die if they cannot be repaired and will be replaced by healthy working cells with good DNA. The plan is to repair or replace cells that are not working well. Thus a problem with one cell should not destroy the plan. Cancer happens when a damaged cell has lost the ability to repair itself or to kill itself. This does tend to interfere with the body’s plan of things.

  3. Andrew Snowdon says:

    Interesting. My mind will need to ponder. My thought process is spiritual. It seems to me that the paths are converging.

  4. Andrew Snowdon says:

    May be getting off topic here. I say my interest is spiritual. More particularly in the cause/effect links between spiritual practices and the physical. How does something purely energetic influence the physical?
    The plan, is it energetic or is it physical. I don’t expect you to have the answers, your thoughts would be interesting to hear.
    On another matter, could you give a description of what we are doing to ourselves at a cellular level when we think violent or angry thoughts.

  5. It seems to me that the physical and spiritual are connected. There is no part of our body that is not affected by every other part. The electrical signals and hormones released by violent thoughts flood and condition every part the body. Even though I do not completely understand it all, spiritual practices affect us physically. It is all part of one whole.

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