We Serve Because We Love


The universal governing systems of heaven are made apparent to all those who seek the truth, to all who feel the influence of heaven in their lives. This universal principle of heaven is: “We serve because we love”. All the experiences in life are present to teach us this principle.

We serve in our families because we love them.  We serve in our community because we love them. We learn new skills with excellence in our careers because we love to apply them to serve the needs of others. We serve our Father in Heaven because we love Him and appreciate what He has done for us. If we have not learned this, we are not in heaven. If we have learned this, then all is ours and we are in heaven regardless of present circumstance; we know that love is built through service.

The governing system of heaven leads us to this realization. Those that master their craft, pass their knowledge to those that desire to learn it. Those that learn it, employ it to serve others. Those that are so served, return a just part of their services or goods to those that served them with gratitude. Those that are successful in their craft return a portion of these services and goods to those that taught them. And the cycle is complete.

This is the economy of heaven. The result is that every person receives all that is needed to live a wonderful fulfilling life; all appreciate and love those who serve us and those who we serve. This is heaven. It leads toward a society filled with truth, love and perfection. I have seen this in practice.  Happy Fathers Day!


4 thoughts on “We Serve Because We Love

  1. Samuel says:

    We serve others as Christ serves humanity ! Thank you Dr. Samuelson for serving us with your invention of Redox products. May God honour you as you continue to serve for His Glory !

  2. Jacque Jennings-Carter says:

    What a beautiful post for all days but especially on Father’s Day. I hope your Father’s Day was spectacular.

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