Why Redox Signaling will Transform Medical Science

As medical science advances, it appears to become more and more difficult to find treatments that are not harmful to certain parts the body and yet offer real benefits to the patient. Normally, after billions of dollars of research, the treatments that promise the best results often come along with long lists of side effects that may be much more detrimental to some people than the original medical condition itself. Medical science compensates by conducting billions of dollars of research to find treatments for the undesirable side effects. While such efforts keep medical researchers busy and pharmaceutical companies profitable, at some point these advances need to be weighed against the needs of the patient. In general, the cost of medical treatment is escalating and results can still be quite detrimental on several fronts.

Looking for potential cost-effective treatments that have minimal negative side effects would seem to offer the best remedy. As our understanding of biology advances, it is also becoming obvious that our body is only built to take into itself the things that grow in and around us in nature, everything else is treated by the body like unwanted garbage. Processed chemicals, engineered molecules and highly concentrated specialized extracts may fit the model of current food and medical industry, but they have the tendency to fight against basic biology and produce negative side effects. Naturally occurring biocompatible remedies, on the other hand, fit well with our basic biology, yet they might not fit well with the current medical industry and philosophy.

As medical science starts to transform toward seriously studying inexpensive biocompatible natural substances as treatments, there is finally much hope for the discovery of ideal cost-effective remedies. Funding the research for such remedies remains an economic issue. The incentive is not there; large profits cannot be made in our current medical industry from inexpensive easy-to-find-and-produce natural solutions no matter how effective they may be as treatments. It still appears to be the tendency of medical professionals to doubt that natural solutions are real solutions, even as they are witnessing many of their patients get sicker and sicker under current treatments and lose hope for the future. In general, they also tend to ignore nutrition, exercise, hydration, positive attitude and sleep as key players.

Redox Signaling is one of the best-positioned technologies that promises to lead the transformation of medical science. It has all the right stuff. Redox signaling is a fundamental process inside our body that reduces and oxidizes (redox’s) the salt water and biomolecules inside us, it plays a fundamental role in cellular communication, helping the cells to optimally do what they are already programmed to do. It helps the body locate the damaged cells inside us, kill them or replace them and to better regenerate healthy tissue. Balanced compositions of reactive oxygen species (ROS) have been found that are relatively inexpensive to produce, have shown no negative side effects after 20 years of studies and can actually enhance the ability of the body’s antioxidants to protect healthy normal cells from damage and accelerate normal cellular regeneration.

Such redox signaling molecules come in a clear liquid form and can be ingested, placed in the eyes, ears, nose, breathed into the lungs, placed anywhere inside or outside the body without causing harm of themselves. They can be used in gels to be placed on the skin, they can be used as irrigation. They stop bleeding, sterilize the tissues within seconds, enhance antioxidants, increase hormone reception, open cell communication channels, increase reducing agents (NRF2, antioxidants), decrease oxidative stress and decrease oxidized cholesterol, decrease inflammation and irritation, and reduce germs and pain among other things. Redox signaling technologies can also be used in conjunction with other promising technologies like stem cells, nutritional and mineral therapies, exercise programs (to reduce muscle damage and pain) and detoxification therapies. It is a truly versatile and fundamental natural technology that stands as an example of what could lie ahead of us in the future of medical science.


14 thoughts on “Why Redox Signaling will Transform Medical Science

  1. Russell Johnson says:

    Thank you. So much hope in the face of what appeared to be the ever strengthening stronghold of the ” old way “. Thank you for playing your part in helping to insure hope and dignity to millions upon millions. And I love its just the beginning. Thank you.

  2. Ira Bauer says:

    Hi Dr. Samuelson,

    There are a number of products on the market that provide the precursors for NAD+, specifically NR and NMN. Would use please comment on where NAD+ fits into the redox “scheme” and if you feel taking NR and NMN has any value?

    • NAD, NAD+,NADPH and precursors have vital roles as electron carriers in the whole redox process. They are needed and I am sure that some people are deficient. I have not looked at the safety studies for NR and NMN. It is tricky to figure how much of any isolated molecule is safe or effective. Natural sources are the typically the best.

  3. Loretta DillonHam says:

    May I have your permission to curate this article to my Private Group with your acknowledgement as the Author?

      • Loretta DillonHam says:

        Apologies, Dr Samuelson, I missed this response. Essentially, I mean being able to take your content attributed to you and use it for Education of members of my community. I have already posted the link to this website in my group and I wanted to create momentum and keep the topic “alive”. Sincere thanks for your response here. Please see my followup comment.

  4. Loretta DillonHam says:

    Yesterday I requested permission to curate articles/blog from your (this) website to my private facebook group Redox Restoration. I am again in contact to followup on this and I would like to have the opportunity to discuss further projects. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank You.

  5. Helen Perala says:

    I love the way you describe things Dr Samuelson because normally doctors of any kind really, tend to get too wordy and lose the connection with the eager ‘lay researcher’ like myself. In your case however, you keep the language simple and effective and due to this, I have ordered your book. I am new to ASEA but it was your particular work I was lead to when I heard about it and started investigating. I became an ‘Associate’ and am beginning with simply taking the supplement and studying what you have to say. I also love your title Atomic Medical Physicist, how wonderful is that~!!! Thank you so much for all you do. I shall read your website back to front and I am certain, be all the wiser for it. Blessings.

  6. Dear Dr Gary,
    It is a privilege to know of you and your work.
    I had a conversation with Nancy Verdis’s daughter She told me how it all happened, if you’d have lived in the next block it may never have.

    Yours sincerely


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