My Dream

     With every breath I feel life, every drink of pure water and savory bite of nourishment testifies of the reality of my existence, the experiences of being a living being, bound to that which sustains me.  I need no other witness of my existence.  The feelings which burn inside my heart for those who have shared my life are alive as well.  All are a part of me.  I stand for these truths.  I search for these truths.  Nothing else has the power to prevail in the end.  I am complete as I am.

It is by our efforts, no matter how weak, that the world is built.  It is by our dreams that it is made, there is no other reason.  As I have breath, I will not fail to dream.  We all wake up to the reality of our dreams. My reality is built on the dreams of those that have sacrificed their time, talent and lives so that I can build my dream; one that comes more clear after every sacrifice has been made.  I stand on the dreams of others.

Take heart, no sacrifice will be too much in the end if the dream is big enough.  I share in a dream that is worth the sacrifice.  In my dream, we have obtained a state where the truths and knowledge we have gained are employed for the benefit of all we love, where truth (in whatever form) is sought and readily found.  The greatest obstacle to this reality are in the mistaken thought that such knowledge and resources must be horded and leveraged for only individual benefit to obtain position and dominion, foolish and vain pride.  Such systems by their very nature tend to sap more energy and resources from society (to only benefit a few) than they offer society as a whole and therefore must destroy themselves over time and cannot endure.  This is based on physical law.  How long will it take before we realize this?


4 thoughts on “My Dream

  1. Absolutely 100% agree with these sentiments Dr Samuelson. A great scientist once stated that there are only two ways of observing things, one was that nothing is a miracle, the other was that everything is a miracle.

    I am, therefore you are.

    We all exist in this FIELD of quantum entanglement that persists in the illusion created by our thinking, beliefs and, our inherited genetics, as well as the invisible energies that surround this cosmos.

    However, according to Dr Bruce Lipton, who is very well known for his work in “Epigenetics”, we are less influenced by our DNA than we have been led to believe.

    Acknowledging this truth, borne out by science, is difficult for the greater population to grasp as they have been fed the belief that our “genes” determine our destiny, thereby perpetuating the “victim” mentality, and making them slaves to the established western medical / health model, which is failing.

    Thank GOD for people like yourself and the founders of ASEA, for playing your part in educating humanity and helping our cells recover their divine intelligent communication, that we lose as we age…….,forever grateful.

  2. Darryl Clark says:

    It is July 17, 2021 – Parts of America and the world are in chaos. I just came across your “Journey of Discovery” Your writings, Dr Samuelson – and your comment, Mr Cataldo – give me a sense of hope and encouragement. There is more…that this is a simple thought.

    I’ll keep reading – and consider how more I and help you encourage others there is so much more to life – theirs and all others – than ‘self.’

    Thank you for the depth and honest of your words and your work.

    Be a Blessing


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