Desire and Resolution 2018


This past month I had the opportunity to spend time just with my wife and children and leave the cares of the world behind for a moment.  Being with those that really matter to me has given me a renewed perspective of what I desire for the world this year.  As an atomic physicist, trained in observation of the laws of nature, I struggle to find the true principles that govern all things in nature.  These past two years we have invested heavily on a secure social media system called Atlus Blue that serves to help people work together safely on any project big or small.  Since this vision is global and touches the whole world, I feel I need to declare my personal intention and resolution this year.  I hope this resonates with good people who are still searching:

It is my purpose and stewardship to use the talents, resources and abilities that I have been given to aid individuals, families, communities, institutions and governments to find solutions to overcome the greatest obstacles facing us at this time in history. This is not a solitary task, but a matter of integrating the communities and resources that already exist into a viable system. I have come to realize that only through engaging many can this vision have any possibility to come to fruition.  Here is the key to do so.

There are none of us alive that have not felt the need and desire to belong to a family and community. The evidence of human contact and caring within our sphere (or lack of it) seems to have no rival in its power to motivate us to act or to discourage us from acting. It is of no use to deny ourselves of this very real aspect of the human nature. We have the desire to feel warmth and belonging. We crave the love of family. Whatever societal or governmental system is to persist, it must take these spiritual and immutable motivational factors into account. No government in this sense is truly sterile and objective.

A totalitarian regime, as demonstrated time after time, holds no lasting promise and has a good chance of turning rotten in time. In such a regime, more and more energy is focused on total devotion toward a single leader who is content to receive affection, power and glory but who may not find within his heart to return such devotion to those so governed. In this system, personal sacrifices and individual initiatives from factions in society, especially those with real ambitions to build the community, are suppressed, regulated, or opposed to a greater degree. History has proven incessantly that the totalitarian system does not work, it requires almost immortal or unrealistic qualities in the leaders to sustain it and often subjugates everyone else.

Entirely on the other end of the spectrum is the “everything goes” philosophy, entertained in the 60s by the “free love” or “hippy” societies. It was shown that this philosophy by itself does not have the power to sustain a system of government. These philosophies have given rise to a self-absorbed generation, where entitlements and instant gratification are expected and where requirements for real excellence or self-sacrifice are considered undesirable. As everyone feels there is power in showing their views, an extraordinary amount of energy is often expended on publically expressing strong grievances about injustice and victimization.

On any side of the political spectrum, the person with the loudest opinion is not always right. Instead of fostering unity or building community, the embattlement philosophy often polarizes society into sides (right, wrong, left, right, conservative, liberal). Over time, one side demonizes the other to the point where the principles of unity and domestic tranquility are forgotten. We forget that by our very nature all of us have individual viewpoints, ambitions and desires that can each can contribute greatly to the strength of our society. It is best when the vast majority agree to adhere to the set of true principles that, when internalized, govern our society.

The ironic thing is that today we have more opportunity and potential as a society than has ever existed in all history. So what system has the power to best govern a society of us humans in this era? Unity in mission and purpose is central to coherence in our communities. But unity to what set of principles provides us with the best system of government? The answer already exists and has soundly been proven in practice.

True principles exist and when understood resonate deep within our breast. They are the same principles that operate in all successful families and that have in latter centuries been integrated into the constitutions of many nations. “We the People…, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity…do establish this Constitution…”. The principles of Justice, Tranquility, Defense, general Welfare and Liberty to All tend to be the back bone of great governments. Whether they be instilled in our own families or govern our nations, such principles, when followed and enforced, allow us to live and work side by side with people that have differing viewpoints, ambitions and desires and accept the contributions of all. This is certainly true in my own family and has been a factor in my country.

There might be a perceived threat when we have different societal beliefs, music, dress or ideas than others do in the community. By the way, these sorts of perceived threats and conflicts are even common in our families where brothers, sisters, uncles cousins etc. have different viewpoints and beliefs, it really isn’t anything new. We learn that finding a way to work around differences is something that we must realize if we wish to insure domestic tranquility in our communities and families.

Did we learn anything from the United States Civil War? In this incredibly bloody conflict, it was seen that brother fought against brother, father against son on the battle field due only to what side of a political issue they favored. Will we still see such strong divisions, based only on differences on societal beliefs? What price will we have to pay before we can learn. Subjugation of any people in society leads to eventual conflict and injury. Unity under true principles is the only pathway to strength and great power for all so governed.

I suppose that we must eventually learn the true principles that govern societies on a global scale as the natural limits on world population and availability of resources test the sustainability of our societies, and as world connectivity gives us the unprecedented view into all cultures and societies on earth. There really is no other alternative. We will find these true principles by design or by massive suffering, either way.

It is my intention to work to provide global society with the systems needed to help unity happen, especially for those kind people that love learning and aspire toward truth. For the first time in history, we can form social networks that transcend boundaries. The ability to share resources is also unprecedented. The systems I seek must respect and protect all established existing agreements and relationships, promote research and excellence and liberate the human spirit. I hope that within our hearts we can find these principles early enough to avoid the terrible conflicts that otherwise would occur. The stakes are too high to ignore.


11 thoughts on “Desire and Resolution 2018

  1. Kathleen Brezina says:

    “It is possible that the next Buddha will not take the form of an individual.
    The next Buddha may take the form of a community-
    a community practicing understanding and loving kindness,
    a community practicing mindful living.
    This may be the most important thing we can do for the survival of the earth.”
    Thich Nhat Han

  2. Grossman says:

    Dear Dr. Samuelson,

    Your desire for uniting the world in a positive way is very inspiring. Do keep us informed.


    Shirley Grossman, who LOVES ASEA!!!!

  3. Oshan Majik Dharma says:

    For Government & Commerce: Mutuallism. For Community: Ubuntu Liberation Movement. To liberate the human spirit: Can only happen at the individual level by each individual purifying ones own mind:
    These are all lofty pathways which work, and are working, and should be pursued – without attachment to the outcome.

  4. Thank you Dr Samuelson for this brilliant expose of the human condition and the short falls of various ways we have tried to live in peace and harmony over the ages, and always failing.

    What the solution is to this ageless problem, would be difficult to implement world-wide, as great an ideal as it sounds, until mankind can learn to tolerate differences of opinions or beliefs in fellow human beings, and allow the freedom for each individual to maintain those differences, without forcing change upon them, then I am afraid the status quo will continue for some time yet.

    Possibly, once we all realize that each one of us here on planet Earth, makes us an intricate part of the whole universe, and each one of us has their own unique gifts and talents to share with others, just like you have done with your work and discoveries. There is always hope for the future, especially in today’s world and with today’s technologies being made available to the masses almost instantly, although I must admit, change only occurs when the individual understands there is no other choice.

    • Joe, Thank you for the insightful response. Changing everyone’s eye color is out of the question, yet the immediacy of growing world populations, shrinking resources, exponential increase of diabetes, autism, severe allergies, and other impinging disasters may give us no other choice sooner that we might think. We may be forced to realize this soon and work together for our own survival. Those communities that follow true universal governing principles will have a greater chance. What an interesting time to live!

  5. How can I learn more about Atlus Blue? Is there a website? I really enjoy your posts on this web site. I find them to be a great educational source.

    Thank you.

    Dick Hogue

  6. As always, I am in awe my life’s journey has brought me into contact with Dr. Samuelson. Because of so many of his life choices, I am not only alive, but have been returned to a healthy, functioning, cognitive being. Because of this man and other scientists who work and share knowledge and understanding, people like me have their lives more then just touched.
    Indeed, science saves.

    Dr. Samuelson’s deceptively slim (69 pages) book, “The Science of Healing Revealed”, is a must read. Only someone as brillant as he, could present the intricacies of cell physiology in such a clear, concise manner that his explanations reach ALL on ANY level of comprehension. Stunning!

  7. Steve Baldwin says:

    Thank you Dr. Samuelson for your insight and inspiration!!

    I have sustained a disability that has really opened my eyes to much of what you were discussing.

    Would it be possible for you to send me an email? I’ve seen the research reports on Redox Signaling and how it helps from the genetic level, and would like to find out how it works on the spinal cord and internal scar tissue.

    Thanks again for your wonderful words of wisdom, as we all strive to live in more harmony and seek the true meaning of life.

    God Bless

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