Welcome the new year!

I can’t help but be a little excited about the prospects of the coming year.  I felt a little buried in the last year but finally have had some time to catch my balance again.  I have had time to write down some thoughts for those who read my blog from time to time.  Early this year I aim to publish a book on Redox pathways and keep up with the posts.  In the past months, I have missed the experience of sharing ideas.  The truths that surround us fill our senses and minds.  Blogs are a wonderful way to share our vantage points on these items and come to an every greater multifaceted understanding of what is really out there.  For the first few posts, let’s start the year by looking at some of the most interesting aspects of life.

May we all take full advantage of life in the time we are given!

-Gary L. Samuelson Ph.D.


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