Journey of Discovery into Redox Signaling–Book Excerpts



The major purpose of this book is to give the reader an overarching view of the myriad pathways that exist in living organisms and the amazing complexities of their interaction. At the end of our journey of discovery into redox signaling pathways, one thing is clear: there are a vast amount of pathways carrying signals in our body. Most, if not all of these pathways intersect or are influenced by redox signaling pathways. The redox signaling molecules that participate in these pathways exist in most all of the vital fluids in our body. They are produced as part of metabolic processes (ROS from mitochondria), immune processes (oxidative burst), and redox signaling processes (NADPH complexes), in all types of blood vessels (vasoconstriction/dilation), molecular transport processes (g-protein receptors), and cellular signaling reception processes (endothelial cells). They play essential roles in the innate immune system, endocrine (hormonal) system, nervous system, digestive system, excretory (toxin detection and removal) system, cardiovascular system, and in any system that requires detection, repair, and replacement of damaged cells and tissues, which pretty much includes all of the systems in our body. So the real question should be: “What pathways do they not affect?” These redox signaling molecules form a set of signaling molecules that quite possibly affect the pathways in all areas of the body.

When individually isolated, practically all of these redox signaling molecules (such as hydrogen peroxide, hypochlorite or superoxide) have immediate…effects that has been documented over a century of science…It is difficult to believe that there exists a combination of these redox signaling molecules that even in high concentrations have absolutely no such toxic effects on healthy normal cells, tissues, and systems. And yet, we have discovered such a technology. This electrolyzed saltwater solution, as outlined above, contains most of the ROS components, yet, as a whole behaves much differently than expected from any of its individual components. As we have discussed, this electrolyzed salt water does not activate NF-kapaB pathways or cause inflammation in any measurable degree in normal cells, irrespective of the individual components. However, it does activate NRF2 and increase antioxidant efficiencies in human lung endothelial cells and somehow shifts metabolic profiles in animals and humans. Not only is this unexpected, it is in some sense miraculous and has not been observed before for any other compound.

Given the vast quantity of pathways that these ROS components can alter, the very fact that this electrolyzed Redox solution is relatively inert and very safe when in contact with living tissue needs to be explained and accounted for…Perhaps the only explanation is simply that cells and tissues can easily deal with this Redox solution because it is already in a form that is similar to the endogenous ROS compounds already found in the cells, tissues, and systems. Even adding large amounts of this solution to cells and tissues does not seem to disturb redox equilibrium and homeostasis. This solution can easily be dealt with by the cells and tissues…For those who are truly on a journey of discovery, the observations made so far about this electrolyzed Redox solution represent an expansive horizon of unexplored terrain, stretching outward in all directions. For the first time in history, we have found something that has practically no adverse effects for all types of cells and tissues and yet can directly affect some of the most fundamental redox pathways that have existed in all forms of life since the beginning (of oxidative processes). We have found a remarkable path into the unknown regions of life. There is a certain sense of adventure in not quite knowing what lies around the corner as we continue to explore this expansive wilderness that, for now, seems to have no end.


9 thoughts on “Journey of Discovery into Redox Signaling–Book Excerpts

  1. Cathrine Vergara says:

    Is it possible to buy this Book from you?

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    > 4 aug. 2018 kl. 18:59 skrev Dr. Gary Samuelson : > > >

  2. Patricia ma says:

    Hi I’m trying to buy your book as I started taken your asea water 3 weeks ago I have macular degeneration and something is happening to my eyes since I took your water Amazing I’m shocked now I want to read your book a journey into discovery please tell me how I can find it many thanks Patricia ma

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