The Fingerprint of Truth

This past Thursday and Friday I had the opportunity to attend the ISANH Paris World Redox Conference on Oxidative Stress Reduction, Redox Homeostasis and Antioxidants. As the long name indicates, this was an academic conference attended and presented by PhD researchers from over 30 countries, covering a variety of disciplines in this growing area of science and its application. This was especially meaningful for me, as I have been a proponent of this are research for many years.

This Sunday morning my mind is flooded with impressions. I wish to share a few with you. All around me in Paris are reminders of the history of human intellectual development, in the famous universities, the museums, the art, the music, beauty in building and structure of cathedrals, castles. The feeling of the emergence of society from a warring feudal state into a renaissance of knowledge of truth and beauty is palpable. It has brought my mind to wonder how to identify that subtle but powerful pattern of human development that connects us and impels us toward the pursuit truth and beauty. The patterns in our psyche and society that identify such a pursuit are what I call the fingerprint of truth.

Truth simply is that that is. It exists beyond the sphere of human pretense and interpretation. Those that are diligent to the pursuit of truth often develop the real human virtues of being fascinated, open, magnanimous, curious, dedicated, with a burning desire to share their discoveries with all that wish to comprehend. This appears to be the fingerprint of those so engaged. These sincere desires are expressed and resonate in verse, music and art as well as in math and science research. This fingerprint was seen everywhere at this Redox Conference.  There was a kind air toward those who are dedicated to the same path and an understanding of the importance of this field of knowledge in application to medical science and for the benefit of humanity.

During the next several posts I will outline some of the research and developments we saw at the conference and many others so you also might be enlightened and inspired.  Let us all keep this fire brightly ablaze.  Stay tuned.


16 thoughts on “The Fingerprint of Truth

  1. Hank & Kathleen Means says:

    Dr Samuelson, Hank and I support all of your persistent energy in this most important breakthrough of our lifetime! We celebrated our 48 th wedding anniversary on June 19th. Our marriage 4 times could have been stopped due to severe health diagnoses. But to your desire to pursue highest excellence in your field of expertise; Hank and I live a more fruitful life! We are forever grateful and spiritually blessed beyond measure that the Lord allowed you as his vessel…we pray for your family that supports you led by your loving wife Iris. Today we can hopefully fulfill the plan that God had in mind. We trust you lead by example and keep the education and discussions of REDOX progressively to do “good” in the world!

    Sincere and warmest regards!

    Hank & Kathleen Means

    On Sun, Jun 23, 2019 at 3:08 AM Dr. Gary Samuelson wrote:

    > drgarysamuelson posted: “This past Thursday and Friday I had the > opportunity to attend the ISANH Paris World Redox Conference on Oxidative > Stress Reduction, Redox Homeostasis and Antioxidants. As the long name > indicates, this was an academic conference attended and presented by P” >

  2. Pam Holloway says:

    Pilot really didn’t understand the depth or breadth of what he was asking when he said, “What is truth?” To this day, we still are searching for the answer that was right in front of him at that moment. I look forward to your continued journey in pursuit of truth.

  3. Exquisitely written expression of the truth of it all. Thank you for sharing not only your brillant mind and your passionate heart with the here and now and future humanity. I, for one, am the prime example of the most blessed recipient of the fruits of you years of education and dedication.

    Had you and your team not asked, and answered questions of how cells heal, my trillions of cells would not now be capable nor able to communicate–such as I am with this. I am ever to be the most grateful, self professed Redox Queen.

    Because of devastating oxidative stress from horrendous, lifelong, multiscourced mercury, fluoride, aluminum and tin exposures, I was left sooo cognitively destroyed as a functioning being, I used to have to hold my hand out with coins in it for people to make change for me since I could no longer remember what nickels, dimes or quarters were worth*. Unable to hold focus long enough to remember words or their meanings to express myself, I was barely a functioning being.

    I was trapped within.

    June 18th, 2014 when I began to be replent with stabilized redox signaling molecules, my life as I knew it as me being me returned. I actually felt and saw almost instantly my cells come alive with the singular purpose of saving the host…me. Talk about a cell-abration!!!

    I could hardly keep up with supplying enough water and electrolytes to match massive and widespread healing. I would awaken each (always around 3:30 a.m.) night drenched in sweat, eyeballs stuck to their lids, tongue pasted onto the palate, fingers and toes curled in tetany. With a bottle of electrolytes water within reach, 4-5 swallows and I was in for a other day of incredible recovery.

    It was one of the most stunningly amazing experiences one could ever have. Where once I I could only watch as years of pandemic destruction took it toll on my health and wellbeing, in short order I was thriving!!! My brother called it a miracle–I know it as an answered prayer.

    Instead of watching my health and wellbeing be destroyed, I now was given the most amazing experience of rapid, widespread healing. With my background in physiology, I felt and saw the healing experience, up close and very personal. I had studied this and it was happening to me. By the minute/hour/day I lived in healing state. I am in awe. Thank you.
    Mo Green

    *I held hope of recovery by still knowing a penny’s worth…ten mills.

    • Surprisingly, Redox liquid in vitro was shown to reverse senescence in small lung endothelial cells (senescent cells started to respond normally to stimuli) and cause increased apoptosis only to damaged cells (having high levels of oxidative stress). It did nothing to healthy normal cells except increase antioxidant capacity.

  4. Tore Kjellevold says:

    Is there any indications on how Autophagy relates to this? Or from your general expertise, do you see how autophagy fits into this picture?

  5. JR - Joseph Raymond Annecelli says:

    Thank You for your time to create this post and for sharing it. In the Czech Republic capital of Prague the city motto is truth prevails. The truth is not always pretty but there is nothing more beautiful than truth. There is beauty and truth but not always truth and beauty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Until you find your beautiful truth peace be with you. When you discover more of your truth share it with Joy and others will add to it. Thank you for sharing truth and information that leads tounderstanding and correct actions. You share beautifully with other and I pray you continue. Appreciate you!!!!

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