Redox Signaling and Health, Shawn Burke

Redox signaling weaves the fabric of one of the most fundamental cell communication networks that exist in nature.  We have examined, in this blog, how cell communication networks coordinate and orchestrate the activities of life on the cellular level for all types of life on earth.  When redox signaling networks are working, living tissue can maintain its own healthy state.  When something threatens the health of our cells and tissues, the cells talk among themselves and work out how to repair or replace the damaged communities of cells.  This is how healing is done on the cellular level.

We have available an external liquid source of these redox signaling carriers that in over 22 years with over 30 good studies have proven to be extremely safe and effective.  I have personally run analysis that shows the stability of this redox signaling source in simulated gastric fluids that allows them to survive the harsh acidic environment of the stomach and be absorbed.  Dr. Nieman, a sports physiologist from the North Carolina Research Institute, Appalachian State, has run studies that show shifts in metabolism in human athletes that prove that the active components of this redox signaling liquid is absorbed, passes through the stomach and cell membranes with measurable effects over 24 hours after ingestion.

The following video presentation is from a dedicated, accomplished athlete, health coach and veteran Shawn Burke, that explains in his own language how applications of this redox signaling have made a difference for himself and some of the athletes he trains.  If maintaining health is important to you, then what he has to offer is well worth the time it takes to listen.  Many thanks.






4 thoughts on “Redox Signaling and Health, Shawn Burke

  1. Ira Bauer says:

    Hi Dr. Samuelson,

    This is Ira Bauer. I’m the one who sent you the YouTube link about malaria. I thought the webinar was excellent and very informative. I do have a question, however, regarding the fatty acids, which I don’t believe I’ve heard anyone ask.

    Do you know why ASEA triggers the release of the fatty acids into the bloodstream? Is it possible that it’s “correcting” our metabolism by reverting it to burning fat first, instead of carbohydrate? Or is there some other reason you have discovered, or thought of? I think that would be an important thing to know.

    Thank you,


    I’d app

    • Ira, as I remember, Dr. Neiman observed a shift in the metabolites indicating that fatty acid metabolism is more efficient, possibly explaining the sparing of muscle glycogen. Triglycerides, bound fatty acids, break up into free fatty acids as they are needed in the cells. Obviously more efficient utilization involves faster delivery mechanisms. The exact mechanism is still undiscovered. Shawn’s graphic showing direct release of free fatty acids is hypothetical at this point. In reality it is much more complex.

      • Ira Bauer says:


        Thanks for the reply, but I guess I didn’t state my question properly. I was looking for a more theoretical answer.

        If I understand correctly, Dr. Neiman saw these metabolite changes even without exercise. Usually, according to him, he only sees changes in metabolites during exercise.

        If that’s true, I was wondering why ASEA would stimulate the release of free fatty acids without the provocation of exercise. In other words, does the consumption of ASEA create a shift in using fat as our primary source of energy, as opposed to carbohydrates?

        Does this mean that a more ketogenic (mostly healthy fats) diet should the preferred way to eat?

        Would love to hear your thoughts.



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