The Chicken or the Egg

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

This is the age-old question of the origin of life.

      The true answer most likely is that neither of them came first, it was most assuredly the intelligence (technology) to build a chicken that came first.  When looking at any highly organized structure, it is all but understood that such a structure was built by an intelligent entity.  It is intuitively understood that there is a much, much higher probability that any organized structure (like a building) was organized by intelligence than randomly “blown” together by chance.  The same is true with the origin of life.  It is much, much more likely that the irreducible molecular machinery (those that do not work unless all elements are in their proper place) were formed by an act of intelligence than randomly organized.  To ignore this possibility is the very definition of ignorance.

     On the other hand, the argument of the spontaneous generation of life, with no intelligent origin other than random acts of nature, seems to be supported by a tangible geological history of billions of years chronicling the spread of life forms on the earth.  Life, after all, has (over time) beautifully adapted to earth’s evolving atmosphere, the specific light spectrum from our sun, the myriad amazing interactions between living organisms and species (insects, plants, microbes, fungi, and so forth) that all show that life has the power to evolve and adapt over time to the specific environment where it exists and the surrounding forms of life therein.  As such, this logical and critical reasoning can be employed to support the spontaneous origin of life.

     Those that study the emerging science recognize the merits of both types of arguments.  For such the question might very well be: What came first, the DNA or the molecular machinery that reads the DNA and interprets genes?  It can be successfully argued that it would take billions of billions times the known age of the universe to randomly assemble such molecules somewhere in the universe, given the nature of spontaneous generation of such.  We struggle to experimentally show that even the most simple components of life can spontaneously self-assemble.  Not to mention that such a chance interaction would somehow propagate itself into some form of life.  The arguments are certainly open. In light of such reasoning, it is almost infinitely more probable that the intelligence to create life existed first.

     We claim to know a miniscule fraction of what it takes to create life, from careful study, but through all our learning, we are just starting to realize that our understanding is limited.  Such knowledge, we find, can be used to either create optimal environments for life, or to destroy life altogether.  Morality becomes an important factor in the propagation of life.  Often mankind struggles to gain power and control over other living things with the concept that “might makes right”.  Let us consider that the true concept is “right makes might”; That there exists a true framework of moral agency that optimizes our living environment.  Let us call this framework “the law of God”.  The adherence to which brings life-abundant, and the violation of which brings destruction.

     I choose life and the vastly more probable scenario that God’s law does exist, it governs all, and that it can be revealed through His light to our souls.  Love God and love your neighbor as yourself.  From my learning and study of revealed truth, I know that such living intelligence exists and that there is a great purpose to our existence.  May we all find the truth eventually.  There is the promise: Ask and it will be given, knock and it will be opened unto you.


8 thoughts on “The Chicken or the Egg

  1. Theresa (TJ) Pope (was Plympton) says:

    Gary, you never fail to amaze me. This, so far, is one of my favorite posts. Thank you.

  2. Patty Saroff says:

    Amen. Thank you for writing this. Our nation has lost its moral compass and pushed God out of our lives. Lies and propaganda have influenced so many. I choose life and my heart breaks for the little ones who have no voice and are in the hands of those who take their lives. I have to rest in the fact that God is still control and some how man will come to repentance. God’s promises await, just knock.

  3. Joe CATALDO aka Emiddio Joseph Cataldo says:

    Great article Dr Samuelson, this age old question has intrigued humans forever. Yes we have delved deeper than ever before, in both outermost reaches of space, as well as the minutest particles within every atom.
    Your brilliant contribution to finding a way to actually achieve the impossible, the stabilising of Redox Signalling Molecules, has been a major blessing for humanity…THANK YOU 🙏🙏🙏
    Once only referred to as “The God Particle “, these highly reactive oxygen species, were viewed by every researcher, impossible to capture, let alone stabilised.
    Combine that with your former nano particle research and your current ventures, there is no doubt our future is bright. 🙏🙏🙏

  4. Jane Roman says:

    So well put Dr Samuelson!! In my limited experiences the existing life forms do, on occasion as required, adapt’ or evolve’ depending on circumstance. Once one realises the complex functions that exist in all forms of life to sustain life, one has to intelligently concede that the origin of life is formulated by knowledge of science, not random conglomeration of elements. Kind regards Jane R

  5. Puspa-margana says:

    “May we all find the truth eventually. Ask and it will be given, knock and it will be opened unto you.” The question is, are we ready for the truth and can we recognise it when it’s presented to us? Perhaps we can begin here:

    Though just the tip of the ice-berg of free devotional books about God and creation, it’s still a good start to the Absolute Truth and Who truly is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. One only need click on a title and it will open up to the chapters and away it reads.

    I had to pass Bible as a subject before I could graduate high school and yet, I still graduated not knowing who God truly was, until I came into contact with the sacred texts and more, in the free-read texts in the link above.

    God bless…

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