Genetic Caution

In the past few years, we have become aware that some people in power (we are not exactly sure who) are developing genetic engineering technologies capable of synthesizing genetic code and testing it out on global societies.  During the pandemic crisis, mRNA vaccines were developed (with much fanfare) containing genetic coding that forces our human cells to manufacture pieces of a dangerous virus.  This was done to cause our immune system to respond to the “real” virus quickly with the hope that wide-spread immunity to the virus would eliminate its potency.  The success of this global experiment is debatable.  I have yet to see credible conclusive analysis of published results, despite possible data from hundreds of millions of test subjects.  In my mind, scientific negligence is great cause for concern.

I just became aware that there is a bill before the Missouri State legislature (house bill 1169) to legalize the placement of engineered synthetic mRNA in foods without the knowledge of the people that consume the food.  Genetic mRNA technologies are extremely powerful.  We understand that they can be used to eliminate human suffering.  In the same breath, we should admit that they also have the power to create enormous human suffering.  Just imagine what would have happened if Hitler had gained nuclear capability in his day.  Imagine what would happen if he had access to synthetic genetic engineering technologies.  To assume that all who have control of such powerful technologies have the best of intentions for all society is the epitome of stupidity.  Even if we assume best intentions, we still do not know enough to use these technologies successfully at this point.

Genetic code on earth has adapted over the history of life, millions of species developing over billions of years, as far as we know, adapting perfectly to each other in ever changing environments.  With several decades of leading-edge genetic research we may know possibly 2% (at best) of basic cellular molecular mechanisms of the human genome.  My concern about forcing synthetic genetic engineering, with genetic codes never seen or tried in nature, may be that we simply do not know the consequences of such, and all life will have to adapt to new codes.  It might take at least several centuries to adapt successfully (or unsuccessfully).  I would place my bet on the accumulated wisdom of nature over trying to force our current genetic understanding on nature at this point.

I would very much like to have the right to exercise the natural option.  Nature is beauty.

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