An Interview with Alan Noble from ASEA

I have been traveling extensively to conferences and labs these last few weeks and have not had the time to post on my blog.  There were several requests, however, to make available on the blog an interview I did this week with Alan Noble, a leader from the ASEA company, that outlines some of the reasons that I became involved in redox signaling technology in the first place.  As an atomic physicist, I was an independent consultant for the ASEA company for a number of years and became interested in stable redox signaling through my work with this company.  I have no holdings in the company, I do not work for them now nor do I have any conflicts of interest.  I did this interview with Alan as a friend.

I hope, during the next week that we will be able to continue our journey of discovery into redox signaling and get back to the meat.  This blog was meant to document this journey into the science of redox signaling in an understandable way so that we all could see the views along the way.  If you have a few minutes, it would be beneficial to start on the very early posts, made years ago, where the science was first being revealed and read this blog in reverse (chronological) order to view the journey.  My best wishes to you all.



14 thoughts on “An Interview with Alan Noble from ASEA

  1. Thank you so much for confirming me that “pulsed electromagnetic therapies” do increase ROS and stem cells need to have the signal to react at 100%. Thank you for all this information shared with us and your commitment in this new era of health. God Bless you.

  2. Aleksandr S says:

    What a blessing it is to learn something new every time I hear you speak. Thank you Dr. Gary for your continued pursuit of making the world a better place.

  3. Wow! So grateful for the information contained within this video! I truly feel that this will help others wrap their head around such an amazing future of leaving behind the old and antiquated way of thinking/following on all levels….body, mind and spirit.
    First by walking away form the University job and stepping into living in possibilities, and voila ASEA was born! Looking forward to what outdated boxes we have allowed ourselves to be trapped in to start to fall away with ASEA.
    Love is everywhere….even in a bottle of ASEA….

  4. Elodia Garcia says:

    Dr. Samuelson, you are a God sent man! you love to help people, you love to discover life and enjoy the process, not only that but you love to teach and pass on your knowledge and wisdom!! Thank you for serving God through serving humanity, May the Lord open up the heavens and pour out His blessings upon you !!!

  5. Dr. Samuelson, thank-you so much for sharing this video by email. I have transcribed it and in this way the value will be extended to many others. I have to disagree with you on one point though. You are not lucky. You are blessed and fortunate. Because of that you bless and give us the capability to bless others. May God bless you richly in all your days to come. Thank-you, Rebecca Lee

  6. Annabelle Kressman says:

    As a distributor I was so moved by your interview. It was divine intervention for sure that you lived so close to Verdis Norton. This was not luck. Blessings, Annabelle Kressman

  7. Paul Massey Massey says:

    To look into the eyes and soul of Dr. Gary Samuelson is to look into the eyes and soul of an authentic humanitarian!

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