My Story

I am at the SOPMed [Society of Progressive Medical Education] Conference this week( in Colorado Springs among some of the greatest men, with the greatest hearts and minds in alternative medicine that I know.  [Alternative medicine is a misnomer, we should try doing it long before doing the worse “alternatives” of surgery and harsh drugs].  Today at the conference, VSRI [Virtual Science Research Institute] is announcing the Alpha release of Atlus Blue (a project we have worked on for some years).  Atlus Blue is a web-based tool intended to help us nurture the working relationships we carry away from inspirational conferences, a secure super network of the people that engender the collaborations needed to develop the ideas and relationships that will build our world tomorrow.  This tool was forged from the germ of an idea Zach Bush and I discussed a few years ago.  We found that it has the potential of becoming the new on-line development platform open to all humanity.  It will be released soon.

This week the editor for my book also came back with the news that my new ebook “Journey of Discovery into Redox Signaling” will soon be ready for publication on Amazon, Kindle, etc.  On top of all that, a project to bring nanonutrients in water (Genius Functional Water in Mexico) to the world has gained some needed momentum as new large distributors and potential partners are showing enthusiastic interest.  My company Nanotechnology Solutions, that produces the nanonutrients, finally is taking steps to duplicate the “Nanomaker” machine for mass production. I feel like I’m going through hard labor pains right now, ready to  give birth to quadruplets.  Much is on the line for me.

I have had some time to reflect on my life, today.  I do not consider myself to be an exceptional person, perhaps only dumb enough to not give up.  The task that I feel is mine is to reveal the truths that I have discovered along my journey in life and hope that these insights will have an impact in the lives of others I have encountered along the way.  I have been blessed with a sharp analytical mind and a love for science that has forced me to get my Ph.D. in physics and to apply that knowledge in areas that I feel have value for humanity.  Today I feel the need to confess the longings of my soul.

I have been trained, it seems for my whole life, to search for the truth. I have wondered how the truth can be obtained from my observations. This is not such an easy task as it might seem. I realized early on in life that what I observe with my eyes and senses is clearly subjective to what I think is happening; even the source of my own observations might not always represent the objective truth.

When I pondered this bit too much, my own existence came into question. The great philosopher and mathematician Rene Descartes did the same; remember his statement “I think therefore I am”. He used his observation that he could “think” as proof of his own existence. Contemporary thinkers wrote the popular movie, The Matrix, that explores the same insecurity in the perception of reality, my apology to those who have not seen the movie.

While this insecurity does not plague me anymore, I always tend to be very careful of what I consider to be true or not true and have learned to embrace the sense of uncertainty. There is one thing that I know for sure, that life is uncertain. This self-realization has even been helpful in my professional career as an atomic physicist. I understand that Quantum Theory is based on uncertainty and observation bias. When I first learned it, the part about uncertainty seemed familiar and yet it still felt a bit mysterious, like something was missing. I originally thought that at least physical matter and nature should be predictable and determined. Quantum Theory states that only the probability of something happening in the future can be determined. The exact outcome cannot be determined and is subject only to the probabilities. There is no way, for example, to determine how even the smallest particle, like an electron, will behave in a given situation; the number of possible future states are determined, but exactly which one of these states the electron will “choose” is not determined. It is comforting to think that even an electron has fundamentally the same sense of uncertainty that I had felt for years.

If you do not understand what I am talking about, do not be concerned, it takes a little bit of getting used to. My intention in bringing this all up is to help you understand how I have come to look at truth and life. When I find something that I feel is absolutely true, like homeostatic balance, symmetries, aspects of cellular biology and such, I cannot help but want to teach the wonders of it to others. This makes me a good student and teacher, but might not help me wow the crowd at parties. The way I look at truth and life, however, has brought me a great number of possibilities in life. Possibilities that seem to be coming together now into a coherent picture.


11 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Jan MacDonald says:

    We have enough folks that WOW at parties, myself included! Thanks for being you and exploring all the possibilities! You area wonder of the times. Best with the water and book.

  2. My “HAT” is off to you Dr Gary for what you have so eloquently expressed and for all the goodness you are blessing humanity with. May GOD continue to guide you along your awesome journey. I for one, am eternally grateful. Thank you for sharing your discoveries to all who have an open mind and heart to take it in, and give these new discoveries a decent go.

  3. Eduardo G de los Reyes says:

    It has been a privilege knowing you. Praying that you continually get the wisdom from our Creator to achieve its purposes for His creations. You have done great work
    Dr. Ed

  4. Cathy High says:

    Is that like affirming the sowing and reaping principle
    What about how we think either positive or negative at arriving at outcomes
    Does science also work with these universal laws

  5. D. Kim Hansen says:

    Gary I always look froward to reading your blog. Never disappointed when you share your insights and heart. Best of success as you delivery your quadruplets. – kim

  6. Gary,
    love all your work. I agree with the quantum, world and how things are uncertain until an observation. the cool part from experience is we take part in humanity deciding or influencing those electrons based on your intentions and seekingthe truth.
    This I know to be true. Thanks for a well written, simple explanation of the quantum world.

  7. Dear Dr. Gary Samuelson,
    since November 2017 I’m benefitting from your brilliant discovery to stabilize redox signaling molecules.
    Since then I admire your way of facing and reflecting the wonders of life and existence.
    As a practising buddhist, and very much interested in philosophy, I must say, that you philosophical and also practical mind is absolutely inspiring me! It’s almost the same than my teachers talk about. Amazing!
    So thanks for being a part of that huge inspiration which makes life meaningful to me!
    Best regards from Hamburg, Germany,
    Susanne Sachers

  8. Sharona Futerman says:

    Thank you Gary! You love for helping others is incredible. I do believe that your nano silver saved Alice’s life. So grateful for all the work you are doing and looking forward to what else is coming. ….Sharona Futerman in Rockville MD near Amy and Wll

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