How to Boost the Immune System (Basic Science)

     In these modern times, strengthening our immune system requires some knowledge of how our cells work.  There are things we can do to make our cells (including the immune system) to work optimally.  The more I study the incredible science of how cells work, the more I realize how much they work like machines; oxygen, water, molecular supplies, signals go into the cells and energy, productive activity, supplies and signals come out.  Just like a car engine, if we want cells to be powerful and work optimally every time, we do need to understand how to supply them with what they need to keep running and to maintain them in great condition.  We only need to know the basics, just like learning how to maintain our car engine by changing the oil, fill the coolant, inflating the tires, etc.  This post is the first part on a brief maintenance manual for your immune cells.

The 5 Laws of Physical Health

1) Cells need Oxygen – Much of this is handled by nature; babies breathe perfectly, they breathe deeply expanding their lungs into their abdomen (not by heaving their chests).  Put your hand on your stomach, breathe deeply pushing against your hand, if you practice this often, you can learn to breathe like you were designed to.  Yoga, breathing meditation, and other techniques can help us.  These techniques can save our lives when we are in respiratory distress.  Instead of panicking with small shallow heaving breaths, work through the abdomen to pull the air deep into our lungs.  Expel the air evenly, expelling air and built-up fluids, pause and repeat.  Finding an environment with clean fresh air, free of pollution, mold or toxins (bad smells) is also critical.  Cleaning house, or filtering air can be helpful.

2) Cells need Natural Water – Natural water has the same balance of electrolytes and minerals and biological materials that exist in a pure mountain stream.  This kind of water is absorbed almost instantly into our blood, increasing our blood volume, infusing into and lubricating our joints, muscles and tissues, cleaning the garbage out of our brain and organs.  Since natural water is difficult to find, we can get something close every morning by filling 2 liter-sized bottles with filtered water, putting in a pinch or two of good sea salt and 10 drops of lemon into each bottle.  This water will be absorbed quickly and can decrease hunger, headaches, moodiness, mental cloudiness, fatigue.  Hydrate and “soak” our organs every morning by drinking one half a bottle (1/2 liter) before doing anything else.  The science behind hydration is well established, you can google it.  Besides natural water will kill and wash down viruses.

3) Cells need Micronutrients – Micronutrients are the critical molecular supplies and materials pumped through our blood flow to all our cells.  Micronutrients are “cell nutrients”.  There are only about 40 different types of micronutrient molecules needed by our cells.  Here is a list of some of them: Vitamin, A, B6, B12, C, D, E, K, Calcium, Chloride, Copper, Iodide, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Selenium, Zinc, Linolenic acid (DHA) Lysine, Valine, Choline, and so forth.  There are great sources of information on Micronutrients.  Google “Micronutrients Bruce Ames” or go to the Linus Pauling Institute ( and click on the Micronutrient Info tab.  Micronutrients are found in plants and have vibrant colors: greens, yellows, reds, purples, oranges.  The more color in vegetables, the more micronutrients they have.  Buy a bunch of these veggies, learn how to make delicious salads and fill half your plate with it every meal.  Even fussy kids can learn to eat them.  How many micronutrients have you eaten lately?

4) Cells need Exercise – Use them or lose them.  Your body will get rid of cells that are not needed.  If you don’t move, your muscles cells will die off and disappear.  If you are not challenging your body (and cells) they simply will go away.  This applies to all cells, brain cells, muscle cells.  Even your immune cells will get lazy and inefficient if they are not challenged from time to time.  Going outdoors, smelling the soil and plants, putting your hands in the soil, gardening.  This is what we are designed to do.  Besides, as you move, fluids are efficiently pumped throughout your body (blood, lymph, spinal and brain fluids, joints, fascia, muscles).  Do you want to lose fat?  Build muscle, as you do so the fat will disappear, and your body will rise to the challenge.  This is the way it works.

5) Cells need Restoration Cycles – Deep Sleep provides time for your cells to go through their repair cycles.  The immune system and repair systems of the body are many times more effective during sleep than when you are awake.  It is not enough to just sit back and relax and entertain ourselves.  We must get into the deep sleep cycles where our body is programmed to shut down and start the repair cycles.  Sleep science (yes there is such a thing) has proven that 7 ½ hours of sleep per day are optimal, anything less or more than this and the body cannot efficiently function.  Sorry folks, there is no substitute for sleep.  If you are sick, follow the sage old advice.  Go to bed and get some sleep.  This is much more effective than any drug could be.

These are the 5 Basic Laws of Physical Health.  If we are not obeying these laws, we cannot have optimal health.  These laws are as binding to health as gravity is binding in the physical world.  These laws govern the function and strengthen all our cells, including the immune system.  They are the Basics.  Before we start going into any more detail on how cells work, we must at least learn to obey these laws.  There are also Laws governing Mental and Emotional Health.  I will cover these in the next post.  I desire that all receive them, especially at moment in history.  The best to you all.


9 thoughts on “How to Boost the Immune System (Basic Science)

  1. ricardovidigaldasilva says:

    Very Good ! The nest, please !  

    Citando Dr. Gary Samuelson :

    > drgarysamuelson posted: ”      In these modern times, strengthening > our immune system requires some knowledge of how our cells work.  > There are things we can do to make our cells (including the immune > system) to work optimally.  The more I study the incredible science > of how ” > > >

  2. This is EXCELLENT Dr. Samuelson! Thank you so much! PEACE!

    drgarysamuelson posted: ” In these modern times, strengthening our immune system requires some knowledge of how our cells work. There are things we can do to make our cells (including the immune system) to work optimally. The more I study the incredible science of how “

  3. Loretta Lewis says:

    Hi Dr. Gary,
    Great posts! Thank you for your calm wisdom. Question..could Redox signaling molecules in a spray bottle be as effective as a product that has HOCI in it?

  4. mydnaknows says:

    Thank you Dr. Samuelson for your lesson on the natural occurrence of viral outbreaks. I hope the leadership of our Country can take this information to heart, as I fear the economic fallout from this will be far worse than expected. Thanks for all you have done and are doing for health science! God bless you.

  5. Micha Ellsworth says:

    Flipping flip! I am almost speechless to have come across this today. Any words and direction from you have enormous value to a large audience. Sincere Thank you Dr. G. You are still my hero. Good hug your way.

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