What the Future Looks Like…

     A wise man said, “The best way to predict your future…is to create it”.  Do you believe that you have the power to create your future?  How do you envision your future? Can you see it, taste it, feel it, experience it?  How certain are you that you will obtain your vision of the future?  Personally, I have been concerned, lately, about the future of health care systems.  Personal health is of highest importance lately.  I have found that my personal level of health is influenced even more by my own vison of the future than the incredible array of emerging technologies (of which I am aware) that we now have at our disposal.  We truly have the power to create the future.  Strategy is using what we have available to us now to influence what will happen to us in the future.

     What is your vision for your optimal body and mind?  Do you want it?  Can you see it, taste it, feel it, experience it?  Do you have obstacles, challenges, or difficulties that are standing in the way of your vision of ultimate health?  Do you feel that these obstacles might be impossible to overcome?  Are you afraid that you will never be able to obtain your optimal body?  Let us briefly examine the options, systems, and technologies that are available to you right now.

Option 1:

     Put responsibility for your health in the hand of doctors and health care professionals – as you put your trust and confidence for your health in the hands of other people, then you give these people the power to create your future.  The current medical system thrives best when people are chronically sick and need to visit the doctor often.  Insurance and medications are generally very expensive (over 18% of our Gross National Product in the US) and generate huge profits for the pharmaceutical companies that finance these systems.  The current medical system best serves those who are sick and in need of constant care and medication.  Does this align best with your vision of optimal health?

Option 2:

     Take full responsibility for your health, learn true principles and search for answers – taking personal responsibility for your own health assures that you retain the power to create your future.  With responsibility comes great power.  You can find good coaches and sources of information about how to care for your body and obtain and maintain optimal health.  This option is normally less expensive than visits to doctors and hospitals.  Health and wellness systems best serve those that are alive and energetic and want more out of life.  These organizations are more profitable when their teachings lead to ongoing health.  Does this align best with your vision of optimal health?


    Tod is a diabetic (Type II) and his condition has degraded to the point where he needs insulin injections daily.  He needs to monitor his blood sugar constantly, he is often fatigued and needs to rest, his eyesight is getting worse and diabetic neuropathies are causing his feet and ankles to turn purple and swell up.

   Option 1:  Depend on Health Care Professionals – Tod will be dependent on insulin for the rest of his life, as he ages or if he is not careful of his diet, he will likely lose his eyesight, develop ulcers, possibly lose his feet or legs.  Tod’s insurance payments and medications will likely sap his savings.

   Option 2: Take Responsibility, Find Answers – Tod will find when he seeks good coaching and learns to hydrate, eat micronutrients and eliminate sugars and carbohydrates from his diet, lift weights to build muscle, that he will go into ketosis and build muscle, his cravings for sweets will disappear, he will lower or eliminate his insulin injections, his eyesight will improve, limbs will receive strength, his pancreas and internal organs will regenerate, he will feel alive and vital all the time and will gradually build back ability to eat sugars.

Which future would you pick for Tod?

Do you realize that you have these options?

     As an atomic/medical physicist, I have studied the laws that govern complex and unpredictable systems, like weather systems, or other turbulent systems (that act like the stock market or a roulette wheel); the future of such huge systems are determined by seemingly tiny variations along its path.  For those that believe they can create their future, a better understanding of the uncertainty factors governing these systems offers a huge advantage.  Just tiny changes, made by just one person or group, can affect huge difference in the outcome of the system.  Presidents, rulers, and magistrates and business leaders have learned to wield this power to their advantage.  You can too.


5 thoughts on “What the Future Looks Like…

  1. Karin Sandström Sernemar says:

    Happy new year Dr and Mrs Samuelson! I’ve have been married and changed my name and email address. My new address is karin.sernemar@gmail.com I love your teaching ♥️ and i really miss your Friday- sience-teaching on Facebook. Regards Karin Sandström Sernemar Stockholm Sweden

    Den fre 31 dec. 2021 21:41Dr. Gary Samuelson skrev:

    > drgarysamuelson posted: ” What the future looks like… A wise man > said, “The best way to predict your future…is to create it”. Do you > believe that you have the power to create your future? How do you envision > your future? Can you see it,” >

  2. lorettadillonham says:

    As a metabolic health coach I would most certainly encourage, educate and support Todd in Option 2. I would be able to demonstrate to him his achievements through his own personal “metabolic markers” being meaningful improvements as his metabolic markers change, trending towards improving health and cellular recovery. Todd would very soon be in the driver’s seat holding the ‘keys of choice’ to his life long journey of his best possible health.

  3. Fiona Maile says:

    Thank you Dr Samuelson. Perfectly in line with what I was thinking when I awoke this morning 1st Jan 2022.
    What are my themes for this year of 2022
    2022 is a year of vibrant health, ideal weight and optimal wellbeing.
    My mind, heart and body is alert, open and strong.
    I can feel it, see it, and am experiencing it everyday throughout 2022.
    Now all I need to do, is make choices everyday that fall in line with my vision and theme.

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