And So It Begins…


It is now mid-January 2014, a few weeks after I had planned to start a science-related blog.  The experiences that I have had on Facebook have been more than ever expected.  It has been quite an experience, to say the least, to connect with friends and their families on Facebook and see some of what is taking place in my friends’ lives and to receive such warmth, love and encouragement from so many, yet I cannot hold back any longer to get to some of the good stuff out about my thoughts on some of the current happenings in the science.  Facebook, per se, is probably not the right place to post thoughts on such topics at any depth, except perhaps for personal feelings about the same.  This blog, I hope, will provide deeper forum where such things can be discussed in more detail.  I hope that it will be informative and enjoyable to read through, also.  Many of these emerging technologies are more than just interesting.  We are discovering the true nature of life, of light, of everything, the implications are astounding.

This first week I hope to post some of my thoughts on the field of atomic physics (my passion and specialty, my Ph.D. is in this field) as it relates to the truths we observe around us.  I hope to lay a foundation of understanding for some of the greatest discoveries that are being made in science during my generation, all having at their core the humble atom, the constituent of everything.  This knowledge has applications that are as far-reaching as the universe itself, especially in its ability to give us the power to understand life and all of its implications.  I am certainly not opposed to exploring the implications of our new-found knowledge, as it will grant us the power to mold our future and should be carefully explored.  Our philosophies and morality should also be subject to careful exploration.  A better understanding of the human equation will shape our future especially as our acquired knowledge reaches toward the infinite.  We have acquired power to create and to destroy, let us use this power wisely.

Warm Regards,