And So It Begins…


It is now mid-January 2014, a few weeks after I had planned to start a science-related blog.  The experiences that I have had on Facebook have been more than ever expected.  It has been quite an experience, to say the least, to connect with friends and their families on Facebook and see some of what is taking place in my friends’ lives and to receive such warmth, love and encouragement from so many, yet I cannot hold back any longer to get to some of the good stuff out about my thoughts on some of the current happenings in the science.  Facebook, per se, is probably not the right place to post thoughts on such topics at any depth, except perhaps for personal feelings about the same.  This blog, I hope, will provide deeper forum where such things can be discussed in more detail.  I hope that it will be informative and enjoyable to read through, also.  Many of these emerging technologies are more than just interesting.  We are discovering the true nature of life, of light, of everything, the implications are astounding.

This first week I hope to post some of my thoughts on the field of atomic physics (my passion and specialty, my Ph.D. is in this field) as it relates to the truths we observe around us.  I hope to lay a foundation of understanding for some of the greatest discoveries that are being made in science during my generation, all having at their core the humble atom, the constituent of everything.  This knowledge has applications that are as far-reaching as the universe itself, especially in its ability to give us the power to understand life and all of its implications.  I am certainly not opposed to exploring the implications of our new-found knowledge, as it will grant us the power to mold our future and should be carefully explored.  Our philosophies and morality should also be subject to careful exploration.  A better understanding of the human equation will shape our future especially as our acquired knowledge reaches toward the infinite.  We have acquired power to create and to destroy, let us use this power wisely.

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18 thoughts on “And So It Begins…

  1. Thank you very much for sharing this blog, on the scientific advances of a new molecular technology alternative health and wellness for humans. I hope its publications to understand new developments and explain to members of ASEA, the benefits provided by this product. Greetings and thanks for everything. Felipe Munoz. Organization AESA Manzanillo Colima.

  2. Bonita Rogers says:

    My husband and I are so new to Asea…we only heard the word the 28th of Aug. 2013, but we are so excited to be a part of this great community. I feel so honored to be reading your blog from the beginning…because I feel like we’ve missed so much of the “beginning” of Asea. Thank You! Bonnie Rogers

  3. Eva-Lisa Myntti says:

    Thank you for taking the time, for sharing your knowledge and insights with us. I will be following your posts with great interest! 😊 Eva-Lisa, Sweden

  4. Anu Gill Horne says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. Looking forward to read your upcoming posts !!! Warm regards, Anu 🙂

  5. Christiane Zejda says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. It will be so exciting to follow your blog. Eish you all the best ☆★☆★

  6. I am filled with awe and marvel..on a cellular level!!!
    Yes. This all IS by Divine Providance.
    Thank you for playing your part in
    GOD’s Plan for healing my life,
    and the lives of so many others.
    Because of you and your team,
    stabilized Redox Signaling molecules and ASEA,
    every one of my 75 trillion cells
    are waking up wagging their tails with Joy!

  7. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world. I am one of those who has had my health and my life changed and healed by your discoveries! I am in awe of the this technology and appreciate the many, long hours and great determination it took to bring this to fusion. We are all going to know you have touched our lives. Bless you! You have many points of light in your crown of glory.

  8. Colin Glover says:

    I am more or less just starting on this journey although my personal one is in the later part. Its for this reason that I appreciate all the work that has gone before me which in turn will give me the potential to increase my, and many of my generation’s, quality of life.

    I thank you Dr Samuelson for making this diary of thoughts available to the general public. I have already seen many of your videos and read your thoughts on many other social topics as well as witnessing the high regard that you are held in by so many others. All of the above helps to underpin the trust and faith that Asea puts out to the broader community.

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