The Future of Human Development

What are in the Final Chapters of human development?
I believe and hope that due to the importance of adaptation, we will eventually find a way to thrive with an evolving system that has the power to adapt the new and emerging technologies to our benefit. The realization of this vision is already in the air. We hear conversations all the time among informed people that involve sustainable green environment, diet, recycling, organic, health solutions, etc., and the need for answers to global problems. We are all are inherently concerned and feel the need for solutions as the problems come closer and closer to home. Products that offer even just the slightest perception of health, like vitamin waters, are growing into multi-billion dollar industries overnight while there are sharp declines in consumption of sugary, carbonated beverages. There is a real shift towards healthy sustainable solutions.
As a whole, we are ready for the technologies that offer real solutions. The fuse is lit. And the truth of it is that many of these solutions already exist and have been shown to work but are not yet widely available or accepted on the market (for reasons we have already discussed). We are primed for a literal explosion of health and agricultural technologies. As soon as we have adapted an open reliable way to prove out emerging technologies so that we can compare results and advertise available options, there will be a literal explosion of health solutions, similar to the personal computing markets of a generation ago. I imagine industries emerging overnight to answer the demand for necessary technologies and systems. Unlike the information technology explosion, though, there is a psychological element involved in motivating people to change lifestyles that will need to be addressed, as well as local agricultural solutions for organic foods, possibly even produce grown in the home. These things are doable and certainly more alluring than the consequences we face if we cannot find solutions.
The technologies that offer this type of advancements to the world will be based on the laws of health, exercise, nutrition, restorative rest, and hydration. They also will be built on our knowledge of how natural, safe solutions function in cellular biology. Imagine that after you have been diagnosed with a health problem, you could go to the Internet and have access to data for millions of people, comparing different solutions they have used for similar problems, like we can do when shopping for a computer or cell phone today. Suppose we could compare prices, safety, and efficiency for these different solutions. Active competition between them gives you the best price and increases the efficiency of these solutions so that they are effective and affordable. Imagine viewing advertisements from health care organizations constantly claiming better success rates, prices, and service for their customers. Imagine that an explosion of solutions was available for almost all health problems that exist. There are quite a few things that we could have with a little imagination. Imagine what all of this would mean for the quality of your life.
Imagine a world where you wake up after a great sleep to fresh, clean air and walk down to your little personal greenhouse, filling your lungs with oxygen. You sprinkle some nanonutrients into the fish tank, check your solar panels, check the pump that circulates the fish water through your garden trays, and reach over to pick a few of the fresh veggies and fruits growing there to juice for breakfast. You drink your Redox water and nanonutrients and smile knowing that cancer and infectious and degenerative diseases are a thing of the past as your body heals so quickly now that none of these have a chance to take hold. Your family gathers around. “Happy 95th birthday”, grandchildren and great-grandchildren say as they call you. You pick up some tennis rackets and go out to exercise with your spouse and friends. You have the luxury of taking off work as you have small grocery bills and your environment, power, and heat, is self-sustainable. What will you do with your free time? Maybe write a book or go skydiving? If this is not the future you imagine for yourself, then what is?


8 thoughts on “The Future of Human Development

  1. Conny says:

    Gracias a su desarrollo ciencitufo Dr Samuelson podemos soñar hoy con un mundo sano sin ser una carga para nuestras familias . Su visita a Colombia ha sido de gran bendición . Conny Luque com

  2. Thanks once again for your wonderful explanation Dr Gary Samuelson. There is hope for the future, especially for those few who are aware of these tremendous “breakthroughs” in technologies. Slowly but surely, everyone will become aware of them, let’s pray sooner, rather than later. Consuming ASEA products, is certainly my daily practice, and I hope to dance at my grand children’s weddings, GOD willing.

  3. That future is the one I want for all of us! Consuming redox molecules and sharing it with others is just one of the conscious choices I make!
    Growing my food, eating well, little alcohol, lots of exercise, add iodine, turmeric and cannabidiol oil to my diet and ah voila!
    A long life is ahead of me!
    Looking forward to the new book!!!

  4. Brett Wilmott says:

    Thank you Dr Gary. Overall wellness & longevity, physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually is the goal you’re describing in your blogs. This is something I have always had a focus on & your breakthrough in stabilising redox signalling molecules appears to be one of my missing pieces in the puzzle. I’m 9 days in on taking Asea Redox thanks to the recommendation of a dear friend & it’ll be interesting to see how it progresses. Thank you for your hard work & tireless efforts.

    • Brett Wilmott says:

      Dr Gary, how can I buy multiple copies of your book “The Science of Healing Revealed”. I live in Australia. I have one copy on loan from a friend & I have just finished reading it for the second time within a short space of time and I have a list a mile long of friends & family I would like to read your book & lending it on one person at a time is going to take way too long to get the word out. I’d like to buy at least 20 copies, prob more. I can be emailed on
      Thank you in anticipation of your assistance

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