Redox Genetic Expression Call

Due to the demand I have posted a recording of a call that was done to explain, in part, the results of the Affymetrix Genetic Testing done on 60 individuals to determine genetic expression when ingesting a redox supplement.  Please click on the link below to play the video recording.

Redox Genetic Results Call



4 thoughts on “Redox Genetic Expression Call

  1. Tone Süssly says:

    Dear Dr. Gary I love all the the explanation you do about your research and work and follow you at different social media, but please let someone have look at the design of your blogg,with all the interesting topics I am sure we can spread the word around much better if it is easier to read and navigate inside you blogg. All the best and keep up the fantastic work you do for humanity.

    • There are hundreds, if not thousands, of genes that are critical to regulate the endocrine system. The ERG1 gene plays an important part in the G-protein activation needed for multiple types of hormone receptors in the cell walls. ERG1 plays a general signal transmission role in the signaling pathways of many different types of hormones. Each of these hormones also require specific and complex genetic regulation. There is no easy answer to this one.

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